Friday, April 30, 2010


I'm implementing a replacement for "LOL," which I overuse way too much (and so do you, admit it).
TISF is what you'll find me using from now on.
Kristi started us all on OMS, so I'm starting us all on TISF.
Thanks, Caitlin, for the idea.
Who's with me?


Jolene said...

TISF! How clever.

kristi noser said...

that is so funny, I wish I would have thought of it, LOL!

M Hastings said...

Reminds me of that show Scrubs. Mandy Moore guest starred as one of J.D.'s girlfriends, and one of her annoying quirks was saying "That is so funny" instead of ever laughing. Of course, I type LOL far too often, as I only rarely even chuckle out loud. A friend and I instituted LOI (laugh out inside) because of how overused LOL had gotten ;)

carole said...

I remember when I first started getting emails, reading blogs and other things electronic; the only thing I could figure out LOL meant for a while was "lots of love." Thanks for explaining TISF up front. Now I won't have to come up with my own interpretations (talk is so futile; this is some fun; texting isn't for professionals).

angie said...

i'm in.

Earl said...

TLOAEMEWTQ!!! Yah, I don't know what it means either, and I never know what they stand for. That's why I've NEVER used these funny typing tools, including LOL. I have a hard enough time with regular words.