Monday, May 17, 2010

It's all in the attitude.

Erin: Look! There's one of those new Corvettes. Those are so cool. I would look so good in one of those.
Richard: That's a Camaro.
E: Whatever. Same diff.
R: Not "whatever!" There's a big difference!
E: I don't see it.
R [getting upset]: There's a HUGE difference!
E: What's the difference?
R: It's in the attitude.
E [exasperated]: Tell me.
R: The Corvette attitude is like, "Hey! I'm middle aged! I have a lot of money! Look at me!" And the Camaro attitude is like, "I'm young. I can't afford this car, but I bought it anyway because it is so. effing. cool."
E [laughing]: I'm totally blogging this.
R: I know.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This is unbelievable. The kind of thing that makes you wonder what you've done with your life.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Spoiled Rotten

Richard typically gives really cool gifts. Stuff I didn't even know I wanted, until I got it.
Over the last five years of our marriage I have recieved an iPod, an iPhone, a Kindle, lots of nice jewelry, a GPS and lots of other fun big ticket items. Oh, and several purses. ;)
After church last night we had to run into Wal-Mart for a couple items, and since it was late we split up to get what we needed. When I met Rich and SJ at the car, waiting for me was a very sweet card, a pink rose that Shirley chose for mama, a chocolate bar and a chick flick.
Richard was sheepish, "It isn't much, but I thought this way we could spend time together doing something you would like."
I tell you, interweb, of all the gifts I've received over the past five or six years, I haven't received anything that made me feel quite so cherished, loved and understood as this.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Second Shift

We are a Second Shift Family.
We do everything a couple hours later than "normal."
We stay up late. We sleep late (well...SJ and I sleep late. Richard gets a lot of work done before we get up in the mornings!). We eat late. We nap late.
I've been ashamed of our schedule for the last two years, but recently a good friend told me that until their oldest child started school, they did everything later than "normal," too. So I've been thinking about it, and I don't think I should be embarrassed anymore.
So we're on second shift. So sue me. We're happy.