Monday, July 31, 2006

On the Fritz

I went outside tonight long after I should have to collect the laundry from the line. I stood between the lines, trying not to think about how creepy it is to be out taking laundry down after dark. That's when I realized how un-dark it was. It made me wonder if it was a full moon. (Anyone?) Which is also when I realized that it's nights like this that the werewolves are out.
Thank you Harry Potter.
Imagine my surprise, then, when Satan himself approached me in the moonlight between the first and second lines of my clothesline.
"Erin," he said, sounding not unlike Jack Sparrow, and looking predictably almost as handsome as Johnny Depp. "I'll fix yer air condish'ner if yeh sell me yer soul. The heat be near...argh." He leaned in and I could smell his sweet, cool breath. His icy blue eyes flashed in the night under his pale skin and hair.
I admit, brethren, I considered it. I thought about going back inside--strangely lighter--and crawling in-between cool, crisp sheets next to a dry husband. I thought about getting a full night's sleep, and not waking up in a puddle. I thought about all the rooms in our home being one uniform temperature...
"Forever?" I asked.
"Well, no. That'll cost yeh 1000 galleons," he said, taking a leather stachel off his back.
"GET THEE BEHIND ME, SATAN!" I cried. "I wouldn't spend an eternity in hell for one night of comfort or anything else!"
Satan smiled a crooked smile and put his satchel back over his shoulder, "Oh, darlin'. Yer already there."

Boom Boom

We dog-sat this weekend for our friend's yellow lab, Lucy. She is so well-behaved that it's like having a baby-sitter for our little monster while she's at our house. Only one problem--she's about the size of a horse. The cat was very terrorized by this, and spent most of the weekend under the bed. Oh well.
We got to see the Twins play yesterday, which, if you missed it, was AWESOME. The score was 3-0 Tigers, until after the 7th inning stretch, when the Tiger's pitcher balked while the bases were loaded, and walked one man home. THEN, they committed two errors, and we won the game 6-4. What a fun game!
We came home to find Lucy and Pedro looking very sheepish indeed.
I'm sorry to say that we had a little pre-marital boom boom in our basement between the dogs while we were gone. Ewww...
At least one of them is fixed so we won't have any Lab-Westie puppies running around.
Imagine the semantics of it, though. Lucy's got about 100lbs and 3 feet on Pedro.

Doggie boom-boom--ew!
How could that have worked for them?
Hope it was worth it...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fitting Joke for the Day

By Brian Beatty
- - - -
Not Bright.
My goal in life is to be like a ray of sunshine—so radioactive that I kill idiots who get too close.

Today Rules

So, pollen stains.
It stains your second outfit of the day. It doesn't care if you're having a rough day, or if you've already been home to change once today.
It just stains your crisp, white shirt that you haven't been able to get on in over a year until recently when you finally lost a few pounds...
Stupid pollen.
Today rules.

Rough Morning?

Imagine, if you will, my frustration as I watched the slow-motion waterfall of mixed-berry yogurt smoothie, tumble (literally tumble--think, Niagara Falls) down my chest, onto my stomach, and pool in my lap.
Frustration because I made it to work on time today, I had a new outfit on, and I had to "take my lunch" at 8 this morning to go home and change clothes, which, took almost an hour and a half, thanks to traffic BOTH WAYS on the way home.
I returned to my chair to find MJ* waiting for me. He asked me yesterday (with a big smile) if I would set up some speed dial numbers for him. Yeah, try 65 speed dial numbers...or more. I lost count. Not exactly my job, folks. Anyhow, he was waiting for me this morning, to tell me that the speed dial numbers didn't work, and that he wanted me to fix them. Keep in mind, I spent the best part of yesterday setting up these 65 speed dial numbers.
I politely replied, "Actually, I have the instructions right here so you can do it now. It's really easy."
"Well...I'm going out of town."
Awkward, irritating--no--infuriating pause.
"OH, well. I guess I'll just do it, then."
"Thanks, Erin. You're the best." Big smile.
Yeh. Sure.
As I was on my way home and back again before all of this happened (but after the yogurt incident), I was thinking. When did I become the kind of woman who drinks yogurt smoothies? When did I become the kind of woman who selects earrings to go with her outfit, which she neatly ironed the night before? When did I become the kind of woman who watches her weight, maintains random gray hairs, and goes to bed at 10:30?
I think it was around the same time that I developed enough self-respect to bristle at being spoken to like the little woman of the office.
I am thankful for the job that God so clearly provided for me and my family, but that doesn't mean that I enjoy being talked down to.
And it doesn't mean that being a grown up sucks any less.

You know what kills me most about the yogurt smoothie?
I went BACK into the house for it.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the characters (in my life).

I don't have a haiku for you today. I'm too cranky.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I know I'm the only one who checks this blog who would care about this, but I just can't believe it!

It's foolish, I know,
To care so much about Lance--
I just feel so used...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Job

I toured the Commercial Care Division (my new dept) Labs today, and learned a lot about what we produce. My division sells cleaners and scrubbers, and cleaning chemicals to hospitals and restaurants. We make really cool stuff. I was pretty impressed. It's cool to spend time with people who get excited about what they do.
Conversely, I must be a real drag to hang out with.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

PMS--Polar Mood Swings

The other night, Richard asked, "Do you have PMS?"
I thought about denying it, as usual, but conceded defeat, "Yes."
He said, "Ugh. Not again."

My thoughts exactly, my darling husband.

That time of the month
I'll be moody as hell, dear
Just don't bring it up.

I'm warning you, creep...
Mount Vesuvius doesn't
Compare to what's next

Now here come the tears
Don't say I didn't warn you
Well, now I'm just pissed.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pictures of Peacocks

So, from the end of our driveway, around the lake and back is almost exactly 3 miles. When I feel up to it (i.e. when I'm not falling-down exhausted at the end of the day), Pedro and I like to walk. We are very popular at the park that surrounds the lake. Mostly because Pedro is so cute--he's seriously a babe magnet. old lady magnet. They just love him.
Last night, Pedro and I walked around the lake. It was pretty uneventful--Pedro ate some sticks, tried to hump a little Toto dog (Cairn Terrier?), and completely missed two juicy bunnies right in his path. Go figure.
One time, however, we had a very eventful walk. It was the beginning of spring--we had only been in the new house for a month or so, so it would have been about the end of March. We deviated from our usual route, just to see what was at the end of a particular street. Being new to the neighborhood, I didn't know what to expect.
I sure didn't think I'd find a peacock. I kid you not. There, at the end of someone's driveway, was a real-live peacock, just hanging out. It was awesome. It was like a little piece of the orient right here in my neighborhood! I tried to take a picture on my phone, but it didn't turn out. It's sort of like I saw the Loch Ness Moster or something. I've never seen it there since, though I did see a very, very large cat in the front yard, with strange ears--like a lynx. Every once in a while, I still walk out of my way to check out the peacock house to see if there's anything there. There never is.
For good measure, here's the picture I took. It's a female peacock, so don't look for the tail, but she's there...if you look hard enough. She's in the ray of light going across the garage door, near the back door of the house. See it? I tried to circle it in red, but it doesn't seem to help much.

You gotta believe me!

Peacock in suburbs
Your harem is missing you
You don't belong here!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rage Against the Animals

Remember Pedro? Who(m?) I loooove so much? The little puppy over whom I cried and cried when he fell off the deck? Well, I wish I HAD kicked him!
He chewed up my favorite pair of sandals that I got in Hawaii the last time we were there--the last Duffert family vacation! Now that's all gone forever.
And the cat is sitting beside me, grooming a CHAIR.
I live in a freaking menagerie.

Too mad for haiku.
I need out of this barnyard!
I want my shoes back!

Monday, July 03, 2006


It seems like as we get older, we find ourselves saying goodbye more often than we may want to. I know I have. My best friend left yesterday to spend about 3 months in Turkey, and then a year or so (give or can never be sure with those overly-organized Fulbright folks...) in Austria. She was awarded a Fulbright research scholarship to go teach English in Turkey, and then to study linguistics in Austria. She's pretty smart, though, ironically, has trouble finding her way out of the Tamarack Village Parking Lot...go figure. Anyway, this is not the first time she's left. Jenna has traveled much of Europe, drinking and carousing mostly, but this time, it's to do good. Just kidding. I only know a handful of people--wait three people--that can pick up a language so quickly and throroughly in such a short time, and love it. But it was harder this time to see her go--mainly because I am so proud. So, Jenna, we send you off with our love and prayers. I miss you, friend.

My sad heart will long
For your laughter and friendship
Until your return.

Go take on the world
I'll be here praying for you
You are a dear friend.

Don't forget me here
in Roseville, Rose of all 'burbs
You "just can't sit still!"