Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Gormand

Richard: What are you eating?
Erin: Your ice cream.
R: The vanilla?
E: No--the other one.
R: You put chocolate on it?!
E: Yeah...
R: I flavored it so you wouldn't HAVE to put chocolate on it.
E [ignoring]: You know, if you learned how to temper eggs and make a custard, it would really take your ice cream to another level.
R: Oh, don't threaten me.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Total Eclipse of the Heart

During my freshman year of college, N'Sync went on their "No Strings Attached" tour (Bye! Bye! Bye!). At that time, I worked at a TicketMaster location.
As you can imagine, the day tickets went on sale, it was a MADHOUSE. Every time a manager handed tickets across the counter, girls screamed and cried and went crazy--and this was months in advance of the tour!
Now, it's true I had tickets to the N'Sync concert in Birmingham (we didn't get to go--it's a long story), but I had to laugh at the girls. I'm just not the kind of girl who jumps up and down screaming over a celebrity.
I have to admit, though, that when I left the movie theater today with my tickets for the 12:01am premier of Twilight tucked safely in my wallet, I felt a little giddy.

I can feel you silently judging me through the screen. Go ahead and judge. You go right ahead.

I Scream!

I bought Richard an ice cream maker last week on clearance. (The kind with the freezer canister--not the rock salt kind--hel-LO, paininthebutt.)
I was a little nervous that I might have wasted $20, but what I should have been afraid of is that I might have created a monster.
On Friday night Richard and Shirley made vanilla ice cream. (They wanted to start with something "easy.") That night, Richard insisted that I try his creation while he told me all about it.
"I saw you bought some walnuts," he said. "Was that for the ice cream?"
"Yeah," I said. "I was thinking we could make maple nut."
"OR! I was thinking I could make brown sugar ice cream with salted walnuts. What do you think?"

I think I'll have some ice cream.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mom's Day Off

In regard to Carla's post for today:
I went to Walmart, Target, The Dollar Tree, and Aldi all by myself today.
Now I am completely exhausted.

At least no one threw up.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Technology Test: FAIL

OK, remember how I JUST posted about how hard this mommy job is?
Literally, hours later our computer completely died. Oh, and then my phone died. DIED! I was using my iPhone (that, truly, I didn't think I loved as much as I do (OH, HOW I DO!), until it died) to check my email and facebook and the blogs so at least I didn't have to be completely disconnected over here...on this side of the river, but when it died and I had to go back to the dark ages on my blackberry (gasp!), I truly thought I might die. To say the very least, I felt pretty lonely, frustrated and isolated. And it was only a week. A very dark, rainy week.
I'm not sure what God was up to there, but I did not handle the "test" very well.
I haven't been very pleasant to live with over the last week.
BUT. Things are looking up. The computer is back in working order. Its *new* battery holds a charge longer than ten minutes at a time and it doesn't overheat to the point of buring the tops of my legs anymore!
Hallelujah--I'm back online.

There is no moral to this story.

One more thought: Do you think maybe our phones are getting too smart?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Be Back Soon

Computer is dead.
Blogging from the "smart" phone sucks.
Miss you, interweb.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Secret Confession: A Season?

I confess, being a mother of two children has proven nearly as difficult as I feared during my pregnancy. I am pleased to say that it is not AS difficult as I thought it would be, but close.
Lately I've really struggled with the drudgery and thanklessness of caring for two children's seemingly endless needs. In my heart I complain and long for time to myself. I SO look forward to my moments of "freedom," when I can leave the house sans children and fully expect to come home feeling refreshed and more able to cope with the demands of my new life. Usually my refreshed feeling lasts about fifteen minutes until I'm getting pulled in ten different directions and quickly become overwhelmed. I often feel like I am just barely keeping my head above water in the giant Lake of Too Much (just north of the the bustling city of Overwhelmington--in Canada).
I think that's just how it's going to be for a little while. Emphasis on little. I know this is just a season and that I am serving God by seeking to raise my children in his ways even when I don't think I can deal with potty training or colic or 5am feedings or discipline for ONE. MORE. MINUTE.
Oswald Chambers says this on the matter:
No one is born either naturally or supernaturally with character; it must be developed. Nor are we born with habits— we have to form godly habits on the basis of the new life God has placed within us. We are not meant to be seen as God’s perfect, bright-shining examples, but to be seen as the everyday essence of ordinary life exhibiting the miracle of His grace. Drudgery is the test of genuine character. The greatest hindrance in our spiritual life is that we will only look for big things to do. Yet, “Jesus . . . took a towel and . . . began to wash the disciples’ feet . . .” ( John 13:3-5).
We all have those times when there are no flashes of light and no apparent thrill to life, where we experience nothing but the daily routine with its common everyday tasks. The routine of life is actually God’s way of saving us between our times of great inspiration which come from Him. Don’t always expect God to give you His thrilling moments, but learn to live in those common times of the drudgery of life by the power of God.

If I hope to raise Fishers of Men, I guess I shouldn't complain (whether outwardly or inwardly) about washing my children's feet. I'm not going to get it all right. I know that. But I AM committed to doing my best at loving my children and husband in a godly way...I guess sometimes I just need to remind myself of the ultimate goal.

Remember Haiku?

Trying to get back
into the swing of blogging.
Start small with haiku.

Once upon a time
I was the HaikuLady.
She's still in there. Right?

Wish it weren't so, but
got nothing to say these days.
I'm working on it.