Thursday, June 24, 2010

Technology Test: FAIL

OK, remember how I JUST posted about how hard this mommy job is?
Literally, hours later our computer completely died. Oh, and then my phone died. DIED! I was using my iPhone (that, truly, I didn't think I loved as much as I do (OH, HOW I DO!), until it died) to check my email and facebook and the blogs so at least I didn't have to be completely disconnected over here...on this side of the river, but when it died and I had to go back to the dark ages on my blackberry (gasp!), I truly thought I might die. To say the very least, I felt pretty lonely, frustrated and isolated. And it was only a week. A very dark, rainy week.
I'm not sure what God was up to there, but I did not handle the "test" very well.
I haven't been very pleasant to live with over the last week.
BUT. Things are looking up. The computer is back in working order. Its *new* battery holds a charge longer than ten minutes at a time and it doesn't overheat to the point of buring the tops of my legs anymore!
Hallelujah--I'm back online.

There is no moral to this story.

One more thought: Do you think maybe our phones are getting too smart?


angie said...

oh man, that was some test! i was just telling dave the other day that the reason i don't feel cut off or excluded from the world (when i'm home) is probably because of the internet. i talk to my best friends for literally hours of the day. or at least see their names all lit up--ready to talk at the drop of a hat. it is so helpful to have that connection. ... i would have imploded if i had been in your shoes. and the weather, too! what a perfect storm. no pun intended.
so glad you're back on the interwebs.

carole said...

Oh but there is a moral:

No (wo)man is an island entire of itself; every (wo)man
is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;

You are missed in equal proportion to the isolation you fell. Welcome back to technoland.