Monday, May 17, 2010

It's all in the attitude.

Erin: Look! There's one of those new Corvettes. Those are so cool. I would look so good in one of those.
Richard: That's a Camaro.
E: Whatever. Same diff.
R: Not "whatever!" There's a big difference!
E: I don't see it.
R [getting upset]: There's a HUGE difference!
E: What's the difference?
R: It's in the attitude.
E [exasperated]: Tell me.
R: The Corvette attitude is like, "Hey! I'm middle aged! I have a lot of money! Look at me!" And the Camaro attitude is like, "I'm young. I can't afford this car, but I bought it anyway because it is so. effing. cool."
E [laughing]: I'm totally blogging this.
R: I know.


kristi noser said...

I totally agree with Richard. No young person in their right mind would EVER buy a Corvette--unless he already had a new Camaro.
I wish I was young and poor so I could buy a new Camaro. They are awesome looking.

angie said...

HA! you can't argue that logic.

Kelli said...

Shannon and I saw about 12 Corvettes pulling out of the Kwik Trip in Hudson yesterday morning. "Mom", she said, "they are all gray-haired ladies!"

Proves the point.

Kandi said...

Even a POS Camaro is badder than a Corvette. (Not like you'll ever find a Corvette in need of work - they are all babied by their middle-age-crisis male owners.)

Reegz said...

One of my hubbies Uncles has the new Camaro. He's 64 but still THINKS he's 25. Another category in case you were needing one. Just sayin.