Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's mine is mine...and I DON'T share fries!

Erin: Hey, do you want the other half of this waffle?
Richard: Only if you aren't gonna eat it.
E: No. I don't want it.
R: Are you sure?
E: Yes! I wouldn't have offered it otherwise.
R: I'm really fine. If you're still hungry, go ahead.
E: I really don't want it. I don't often offer food off my plate out of the goodness of my heart if I'm still hungry.

Many of you can attest to the probable truth of this conversation based on personal experience.


kristi noser said...

Never, never, never touch the fries.

angie said...

are you really bad at sharing food, too??? oh, i hope so. it will make me feel better about myself. i've spent the past few months worrying about how i'm going to gracefully let quinn have some of my food if he wants it. it's not pretty.

erin said...

Terrible. I am terrible at sharing food. I will cut off your fingers. It's easier haring with your offspring, though.

erin said...


rt said...

Is it too late to comment? Sharing is not sharing when the fork is poised over your plate and he says, "Looks good. Do you mind?" And inside you are growling don't even think about it and outside you say, "Go ahead." And then he takes the best piece/part.