Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The checkout lady said it happens all the time.

Last night, Shirley and I went on an adventure to buy a snail for Fishmael's tank.
We had a great time looking at all the fishies, rats, mice, snakes and hamsters at the pet store.
We made our purchases and cruised back around to look at the fish one more time and Shirley promptly wet her pants.
One minute we were watching the eels dance and the next minute she was walking around like a little cowgirl.
I thought it might be a cold ride home for Shirley, but she cheerfully told me all about while sitting on a plastic bag and some paper towels, munching on a dog cookie.


Kandi said...

In Shirley's defense, you were walking around for a while, gazing into fish tanks (full of water) and listening to the bubblers (= waterfall sound). I may have peed my pants, too.
However, I'm pretty sure I would have passed on the dog cookie.
Just sayin'.

Melissa said...

On the one hand you're glad when they're not grumpy about wet pants but then you're a little bothered by the fact that they could care less about making it to the freaking toilet!

I remember picking Adelle up from preschool around that age and her jeans were soaked and she didn't even care. The teacher hadn't noticed yet either. ARGH!