Sunday, June 12, 2011


What's this? ANOTHER home improvement project? You got that right. We are on a roll.
Our deck formerly had an incredibly ugly privacy "screen" on two of its corners, protecting us from the prying eyes of our neighbors. Here's the thing, though: there's nothing to see but an ugly privacy screen. Our house sits so far back from the street and other houses that we are fairly secluded and have no need for the ugly thing.

Once again, I forgot to take a real "before" picture, but looking at this, you can probably get the idea.
Finished tearing down.
Pedro's checking out Richard's work.
Tear down from a different angle.
Helping Daddy build!
Two sides finished. Third railing almost fabricated.
The Richards.

Next weekend's project will be to paint the deck all the same color as the fence, and then I think we may be--dare I say it?--finished with our big projects for the summer.


Kandi said...

So that means the big summer shindig will be on...July 9th? Am I invited?

kristi noser said...

and you got a cute "before" pic of Pedro. He was so little!
Nice job Richard & Erin, and Richard...RARRRRR!!

Naomi said...

What a transformation!!! If i had just seen the "after" picture alone, I would NOT have recognized it as your deck. It looks amazing youg guys! Good work Rich and Erin!

carrie said...

It looks awesome! you guys did great! Erin your plants are looking good too. can't wait for the BBQ!

erin said...

Thanks you guys. It feels good to have your affirmation! :)

Anonymous said...

I love it!! It looks great!


The Smackeys said...

VERY nice! And you got it done so quick and early enough that you have the whooooole rest of the summer to enjoy it :)