Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Passive Aggressive Shopper.

Erin: Plastic bags for you today?
The Passive Aggressive Shopper: I guess.
Erin: Are you sure?
The Passive Aggressive Shopper: It's fine. Whatever.

I can not express how frequently this conversation occurs.


Anonymous said...

Plastic bags as opposed to paper bags? I didn't even know that was a choice at Target??? (By the way I live in the same town as a [brand, spanking new] Target for the first time ever! It's about eight blocks from my house. It is super to live so close, but I hardly have a need for it now that my kids are grown. Same for IKEA - about 20 miles - but that phase of our life is pretty much over too, which makes me sad. I love IKEA! Bring your own bag always, or buy one there!)

I bet every shopper who gives you that answer truly DOESN'T care. I know I don't. In that case, learn how much each bag costs and give the shopper their items in the cheapest bag. Target will thank you (maybe).

I know as a [grocery] shopper, by the time I get to the check-out I AM DONE. I have walked the aisles, compared prices, brands, sugar content, sodium counts, rejected saturated fats and unpronounce-able ingredients, traversed the store three times to find the item on my list they have moved again, consulted with the produce guy about why they don't have apricots, or oranges or mushrooms, and stood in line behind five other shoppers. I truly don't care. I just want my stuff in a container so I can take it home and get out of the shopping mayhem. I don't want to have the weigh the pros and cons of paper (your killing trees! paper bags leach bad chemicals!) or plastic (it stays in the landfill forever!! plastic bags leach bad chemicals!). And I can say (maybe I am a slow learner!) I am still taken aback every time I am asked that question. I just have too many other things on my mind. And while I do occasionally bring my own bags, that is so rare as to not to count as an option.

Erin's Adventure's in Targetland have certainly given you fun fodder for your blog! It's a win-win!


erin said...

Carole, I love it. I think you are right--most people truly do not care. I can understand that.
There are some poeple who say, "I don't care. Whatever."
I say, "Ok, plastic it is." And they say, "I'd prefer paper." Oofda.
We are instructed to offer plastic first because it is "better for the environment." I think this is baloney. I think they save the company mucho bucks.
I don't care much either way, but plastic is exponentially easier for me to bag, so that's what I go with.
Thanks for the great comment.

Kara Jo said...

Uh-oh. I bet I've been a passive aggressive shopper.

Why is plastic better for the environment when those bags can't be recycled???

I also did not know Target had paper bags. I've never had my cashier offer a choice or even ask if plastic was okay.

erin said...

KJ, Actually, plastic bags are recyclable. There are big receptacles for them at Guest Services at Target. Just a little insider tip for you.
Also, were you REALLY being passive aggressive, or did you just not care? I'm learning that there is a difference!
As for the paper bags, I'm starting to think that only Super Targets have them. I'll have to do some asking around. :)

The Smackeys said...

Yep, pretty sure it must be only Super Targets...even there I don't think I've ever been given an option! Maybe this is a good thing - too many dramatic life decisions as this would be stressful for me.
Besides, who wants paper? Plastic is so much easier to unpack at home too - no folding bags and dealing with all that.

kristi noser said...

Better passive aggressive than downright aggressive...
"Plastic bags for you today"?
"What are you saying? Are you saying I'm wasteful? Why do you think I would need a bag anyway? Are you calling me fat?"