Monday, December 05, 2011

Advent Calendar

After perusing some friend's blogs and thinking about it, I decided to create an Advent Garland for our children. I set out to put it together the other night. I prayed that through this fun experience, my children would learn something about Jesus.

I picked up treat bags, tissue paper, a package of cardboard gift tags and some pretty ribbon.
I also picked out some chocolatey treats and a couple $1 gifts.
I picked out a font that I liked on my computer and typed out the numbers 1-24, so I would have something to draw from while I numbered the tags.

There were enough tags left over that I could re-make the ones I didn't like. You can see my "boo-boos" on the top right.
Treat bag #1 has peppermint kisses inside!

It occurred to me about half way through to put one member of our manger scene in each bag. Shirley LOVES opening up a bag to see who is inside. She knew right away that they were coming to see Jesus! Of course, baby Jesus is in the last bag. :)

The final product isn't quite as cute as I had hoped, but it isn't hanging quite right because the last ten (or so) bags don't have treats in them yet.
This is what it looks like this morning.

So far, the garland is a huge hit. Shirley loves it, and Richard loves anything his sister loves. As a side note, next year, I might not put so much chocolate in the bags...or set a precident of opening the bags after or before dinner, otherwise your morning starts out with kids all hopped up on chocolate. I thought about putting something else in there, but putting Cheerios in Advent bags just seems a little anti-climactic.
Also, waiting until tomorrow to open another bag is basically torture for my three-year-old. I knew it would be, so I'm glad I hung the garland WAY out of anyone's reach.
More than anything, this garland gives us a way to talk about Christmas and what it means. So far, so good!


kristi noser said...

That was a really good idea! Much more fun than the "countdown to Christmas chain" thingy. I wonder if Eli would like that...maybe not, I'd have to put stuff in the bags like cars and girls. don't want him running around the house all hopped up on girls.

erin said...

Heaven forbid.

Brenda said...

I believe you are the only person tall enough in your house to retrieve the bag of the day.

The Smackeys said...

I love this! So creative! And bags full of chocolate?! I would have a hard time waiting until tomorrow as well.

Kara Jo said...

Erin, what a GREAT idea! Way to go Super Mommy! You make me smile!

And Kristi--Ha!