Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Dinner Date

Tonight, I got done at work earlier than expected and texted Rich to tell him I was going to stop and get a haircut on the way home.
He wrote back and said, "Ditch the hair cut, let's meet up for dinner."
I thought, "Cool! A dinner date!"
On my way out the door, I called him, "Where do you want to meet? How about Red Robin?"
He said, "Sounds good. See you there."
Hang up.
Two minutes later he called me back, "Hey, I was kind of thinking we could eat something a little lighter."
I said, "Ok, how about Noodles?"
He said, "Nahhh."
I said, "Ok, how about somewhere like Subway? Or I'd rather eat at Davanni's."
He said, "Yeah...ok."
Hang up.
Two minutes later he called back, "Um...the kids are really whiny. Should we eat somewhere they can play?"
I said, "Like...McDonald's?"
He said, "Yeah, good idea. See you there."
Hang up.
How romantic.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least you got to go in and eat............ when our kids were that age if the place didn't have a drive up window, we didn't go. Still to this day.......


Melissa Mattson said...

lol! Our evening plans often morph into unromantic kid-friendly plans too

Anonymous said...

He wanted you to eat "him". Good gracious take a hint.