Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

December 2012
Merry Christmas!
I can hardly believe it’s been another year and I have to come up with a new Christmas card—I was still basking in the success of last year’s card.
2012 has been a good year for our family! Marriage is easy, our children are angels, and life is wonderful every day! We have it together! Smooth sailing in the Desvousges home!
Now that we’ve got that out of the way…
Richard started a new job with American Family Insurance as Fields Claim Appraiser in May. He has been very busy establishing himself there and enjoys his work. He joined a hockey team called the Bullheads and enjoys his practices and games. He makes losing weight look easy, and by December 10 had removed approximately 400 tons of snow from our and our neighbors’ driveways. Some of Richard’s favorite things are silence, the dark, playing hockey or football, and texting (in that order).
Erin also made a job change this year. She left her position as Target Lady to go to work at a counseling clinic called Family Innovations. Erin also took on a leadership position with LATTE, a women’s ministry at Faith Community Church, as the leader for publicity and communications. She will be speaking at the ministry’s January event and is excited for the opportunity. Some of Erin’s favorite things are silence, waking up to clean dishes in the dishwasher, fiction books, and obedience (though, not necessarily in that order).
Shirley Jean started a new preschool this year and has made some very good friends there. Some of Shirley’s favorite things are playdates, horses, baking, and having her fingernails painted. Shirley is especially looking forward to Christmas this year and it’s fun to see her really care about the holiday. She asked me yesterday if she could write to Santa and ask if he is real. I have a feeling Santa will write back and teach her about the real reason we celebrate Christmas, even though Santa is a wonderful person, too. Shirley will be five in March. Where has the time gone?!
Richard Joseph will be three in March and literally gets cuter every single day. His vocabulary and attitude explode every few weeks and in between we deal with growth spurts that usually lead to extra clumsiness and forehead bruises. Richard got to really experience snow for the first time last week and he loved it! Even with his boots falling off in the deep snow, soaked socks and freezing fingers, he still threw a fit when it was time to come in. The boy loves an adventure! Some of Richard’s favorite things are “foo-ball!,” coloring, repeating what his sister says, and sitting on Pam (see below).
Pedro is still here. Not much new to report on him. He’s lost some weight this year and is peeing on fewer things, so he endures.
Kitty’s name changed in 2012 and he now goes by Pam. We would appreciate your respectful acknowledgement of this change when you next see him.
All in all, the Lord has been faithful and good to us in 2012. We look forward to the New Year and send many blessings your way!
With love and peace,
Richard, Erin, Shirley & Richard Desvousges

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