Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Angry Birds: SAHM Survival

My almost-four-year-old son is ob.sessed. with Angry Birds. He has it loaded on his* iPad, and would play it all day long if I didn't set a timer and insist that he participate in human life from time to time. I don't mind him playing video games or using the iPad. I try to manage his "screen time" responsibly, but the reality is that this is the world we live in. 
Here's the thing: Angry Birds are making. me. crazy. The music is annoying, the game is exhausting and frustrating, yeah, yeah...but my son TALKS about Angry Birds all the live long day. My days are filled with an endless monologue about Angry Birds. I wouldn't be so frustrated if I could understand what he was saying. He narrates each game and video as he plays...with no inflection whatsoever, while staring down at the screen. So what he's doing is contributing to the ::NOISE:: bouncing around in my brain, and expecting a response to something I can't understand even when I try. And when he's not playing Angry Birds, he's talking about Angry Birds. Or asking to play Angry Birds. Or whining about Angry Birds. 
The noise. 
The noise adds a LOT of mental stress to my day. 
Here he is doing his thing. In his undies. (It's six degrees in Wisconsin.)
After rereading this post, it kinda seems like I'm letting the boy run the show, doesn't it? ...Seems like I am the mom and I could do a better job of imposing some boundaries here, but we are happy. His feet are little ice cubes and he typically spends more time on electronic devices than he should...but SURVIVAL. Survival is the name of the game some days. Weeks. Months.


*Yes, we have a kid iPad and a grown up iPad. We are a 21st century first world family. Stop judging. 

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