Sunday, April 12, 2009

Christ is risen, indeed!

I haven't had my "ideal" Easter.
I look forward to Resurrection Sunday services every year. Easter is hands-down, my favorite holiday. I love to honor the day the tomb was found empty.
Well...Shirley had a complete meltdown in the nursery, and Richard and I had to sit in the cry room for part of the sermon until SJ lost it in there, too. So, we moved to the nursing room, where the sound wasn't working properly. As Rich and I made our way back to the sanctuary for the rest of the music, I snarkily said, "Happy Easter," then burst into tears.
That's when it occurred to me: Christ died for me (and you) EVERY day. Not just on a special Sunday with my favorite music and Easter dresses with matching bonnets.
So, Happy Resurrection Sunday from me and mine.
f you read nothing today, read this: Christ died and rose again for us. You and me. He took our sins upon him so that we could be washed clean every day. Not just today.


Jodi said...

I absolutely adore that family picture. Miss you guys! Enjoy the rest of your Easter!

Kara Jo said...

Good reminder Erin. :)

..."Snarkily" word...I'll have to add it to my vocabulary.

Carla said...

I had the very same experience with Tims on Maundy Thursday. He flipped his lid in the nursery. Tried to find the happy, peaceful place in my heart with a screeching son.


LadyD said...

Hi Erin! I am sorry that happened, but your Shirley is too cute in the picture:) I would have held her in the cry room for you- but I was home the last 10 days with sick kids, and missed ALL Easter services.
And I like your shirt! You so do not look like a Frumpy butt.

Jolene said...

Happy Easter to you & your family!!

erin said...

Carla, same scene for us on M-T, too.
LD, Thank you for being so sweet! I LOVE that about you. :)

Cara said...

CUTE pic!