Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to YOU!

People who remember other people's birthdays amaze me (you know who you are).
I've been friends with Sarah since 1986, and I'm pretty sure her birthday is in July.
Just kidding, it's January.
The point is, It's been 23 years, and I'm only pretty sure.
I try to make a point of remembering family member's birthdays, but beyond that, I'm hopeless.
So, dear friends, I'm going to forget your birthdays. It's not personal. I care about you. A lot.
What if I were to just wish all of you a blanket Happy Birthday from time to time? Perhaps quarterly?
I'll try.
So, Happy Birthday to YOU! (All of you.)


kathaleend said...

That has worked for Janet and I for 35 years. No hurt feelings. No unmet expectations.

I guess you got this trait from your mom.

Melissa said...

My friend's and family think I am soooooo thoughtful but really it's that's so thoughtful!

kristi noser said...

OOH! Good call melissa.
I usually remember, it's just in doing something about it that I am a slacker.
So Happy birthday to you too Erin, I'm sure I have a card for you somewhere around here.

Jolene said...

thanks! does this mean we get cake, too?

angie said...

and seriously, what a brilliant idea. i'm the same way about returning phone calls ... nothing personal to anyone!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Right back at you! I'm horrible at this too! I literally talked to by college roommate on her birthday last year and forgot to wish her a happy birthday until the next day!!! Thank goodness she is a forgiving soul. Also any thoughts on Facebook birthday wishing etiquette?

Sasha Malena said...

thank goodness for my blackberry or i would too! but at the same time i remember peoples birthdays that i have not talked to in 15 years. so maybe its the people you dont care about that stick with you. creepy.

Anonymous said...

Lol!! The only reason I remeber is because I'm obsessed with calendars (seriously I have five or six at my desk plus a few at home) and I update them all. I'm kind of thinking the blanket birthday idea might be a better way rahter than updating seven calendars a year:)