Monday, October 18, 2010

For your reference: "Outside" is now called "Commando."

Erin: Shirley, let's put on your underpants.
Shirley: NO!
Erin: Ok, how about a diaper?
Shirley: NO!
Erin: Well it has to be one or the other.
Shirley: NO!
Richard: Do you want to go commando?
Shirley: YEAH! Let's go commando, Daddy! Take her! Take her commando! Let's go!


kristi noser said...

I think for that Richard should have to wear a diaper.

Kandi said...

Hee hee - my boys refer to it as "freestyle." :)

kathaleend said...

I think Richard should fire up the carpet cleaning gadget.

erin said...


erin said...

Kristen's boys used to call it "free-ballin' it."