Thursday, November 04, 2010


While I worked out tonight, I watched two girls goofing around, daring each other to lift weights, racing each other on the treadmills, that kind of thing. I guessed them to be either seniors in high school or freshman in college. Somewhere in the 17-19 range, possibly older, but definitely not younger. (This information will be important later.)
Over all I had a really good night at the gym tonight. I reached a personal goal that I really thought would take at least another month. I lost two more pounds. I can feel myself getting stronger and more confident by the day. Lots of milestones all around.
After my fantastic work out, I was literally smiling on my way into the locker room, thrilled with my progress, just ACHING for someone to tell.
I was washing up in the when one of the girls I had noticed earlier said to me, "Hey, are you Bella's mom?"
I said, "No, why? Is someone crying in the nursery?"
She said, "No, uh...Bella's my friend."
Now, I ask you, interweb.
Am I so frumpy that I could so easily be mistaken for a 40+ mother? REALLY? I don't try too hard to be stylish when I go to the gym, but maybe it's time to start. I don't mean to offend my 40+ readers, but COME ON. I am TWENTY-EIGHT years old.
Oh well. I guess she saved me from getting a big head or something.


The Smackeys said...

OH my word! I wouldn't ever look at you and put you at FORTY! You're doing fine for 28!

The Smackeys said...

P to the S. Congrats on beating your personal goal! Keep up the hard work :)

Naomi said...

EXCUSE ME??!!? I absoleutely cannot believe it. Maybe she meant, Bella, my friend from Big Brother, Big Sister.

Next time, casusally respond "If I was, I'd be 10 years old when I gave birth to her."

Kara Jo said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Mouth hanging open. You certainly look your age. And BTW, congrats on meeting your goal. And can I say that I'm jealous? Member those 'postpartum' pants I gave you (that you gave back)...good thing I got them back cuz I gained back 8-10 pounds and needed them again this summer--I think they even got tight on me. Argh!