Saturday, November 06, 2010

Shelter from the storm.

As a kid, just could not figure out what those cute playhouses were for at the end of people's driveways out in the country. So I finally asked. Turns out, they're not playhouses. They're for kids to wait for the school bus in a place to get safely out of the frigid weather. What a disappointment.
I was probably nine or ten when I figured it out, and at the time I thought, "We live in such a cold part of the world that kids need shelter to get on the school bus? It's dangerous waiting for the bus? WHY do we live here?"
Just a little pre-winter memory I thought I'd share.


Melissa said...

Exactly! Why do people live there?!

Oregon is much better :)

Oh, and I always wanted one of those playhouses.

Jodi said...

I've never seen those playhouses, but I remember sitting in the cold, waiting for the bus. Now parents sit in their cars with their kids so they can sit in the heat. Wussies.

Anonymous said...

Remember those warm summer days on the beach in Hawaii? It is like that year 'round there. Yeah... I know.


kristi noser said...

we tough 'sconnies never needed one of those girly end-of-the-drive-outhouses.

carrie said...

I always thought they were storage sheds for garbage cans, until someone told me differently.

erin said...

Carole, you're so helpful. ;)