Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Well, we DO have the biggest brains.

If humans are truly superior mammals, how come you never see a puppy, baby seal, or even a baby monkey wedged under the couch, screaming bloody murder with his feelings crushed because he's gotten himself into another fine mess? I've also (personally) never seen a kitten try with all its might, for days and days, to eat the vacuum cleaner or the bathroom garbage can.
I'm just thinking out loud here.


Melissa said...

I hear ya! We're a species of slow learners I guess

Anonymous said...

Well, biologically, not many "higher" animals are born at such a state of unreadiness as human babies. If said babies were born at the same developmental stage, as say a horse or cow or blue whale, well... let's just say the result would be mom saying more than "ouch!" in the delivery room. So human babies have to contend with underdeveloped brains for a while, then they learn to talk back.