Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Are you ready for some...

Apparently something exciting happened in football last week.
It has been FOOTBALL 24/7 in our house for the last two weeks.
Madden 2012 comes out on August 30th, but the demo comes out on August 9th.
A bunch of old guys have a lot of redundant things to say about football on the NFL network and ESPN. And ESPN2. And ESPNespanol.
Football officially begins the same weekend as the marriage retreat (just like it does every year. Just like it causes a paralyzing panic in my husband EVERY YEAR).
All this begs the question:
Isn't it still baseball season?

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly! Because you aren't as old as me, you probably don't realize sports used to have specific seasons and THEY DIDN"T OVERLAP (or barely did... for instance the Wolrd Series in 1921 was Oct 5-13; OU's first football game was October 10... and I wasn't alie in 1921, I've just been doing some research for a project)! And they were difinitely not playing basketball in June. Sports 'creep' is definitely an example of "give 'em an inch and they'll take the whole year!"