Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ten on Ten

Good morning!

It's laundry day!

Lunch for the littles.

Dessert? (For the mama.)

Lunch for the bigs.

Watching the "construction crew."

: : This blog will now break for its
regularly-scheduled nap time. : :

Dinner time!

Post-dinner giggles.

Better make those returns.
The House of Des wing of the library is big enough.

A new snail companion for Fishmael. Meet, Margot.

Be sure to check out Lauren's blog for her ToT, scheduled to post tomorrow.

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Kelly Bea said...

That must be a lunch for many momma's!! Great pics!

erin said...

Thanks, Kelly Bea! I think you may be right. Sad, but true. ;)

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Aww, looks like a great day! I've had many a "dessert" like that ;)

kristi noser said...

Maqrgot. Hilarious. But I believe her first name is Samantha, but she only uses the first initial. S. Margot.

Dmarie said...

great 10 on 10s...thanks for sharing! and thanks for the idea to use different flavored puddings in my Amish friendship bread. now, why couldn't I have thought of that? can't wait to play with the options!!

Mark and Ashlie said...

Great pic! I had to laugh at the mom "dessert," so real! Thanks for stopping by my blog and also for sharing your 10 on 10. Have a great week!

M.E. Hall said...

Oh laundry, the perfect Saturday happening! Lovely pictures!

Lauren said...

Looks like a good day! I'm glad you're doing this with me (and all of the others out there!). Something fun to look forward to every month. :) I posted mine, and linky'd it to A Bit of Sunshine. Did you linky yours?

Anonymous said...

Love the coke and ibuprofen shot!

Kelli said...

Dessert for mama is my kind of dessert! We had a little nap time on Saturday as well :)