Friday, September 02, 2011

Working Girl

So...some of you may know that I went out and got myself a part time job at an enormoous retail chain store as a cashier. Looking back, I'm pretty sure I decided to get a job in a hormonal fit of pique, but that is immaterial.
Anyway, I applied for the job online, and they called me less than twelve hours later, and hired me twelve hours after that. Either they don't get my kind of resume very often or they are seriously desperate.
My first interview went great. My interviewer said, "Can you stay for a second interview so we don't have to call you back?"
Thrilled, I said, "Sure!" Secretly, I was grateful I had stopped in the ladies room on my way to the interview.
My second interviewer said, "Ok, I'll be honest. If you don't blow this interview, we are going to offer you a job."
I said, "I won't take any phone calls and I won't say anything offensive."
From there, I went to the on-site clinic to do my drug test, which required my ability to fill a cup with 30cc of urine. That is 1/8 of a cup. Do you think I could do it? No. Way.
I sat in that dang clinic for TWO HOURS trying to fill my cup. It was humiliating. Finally, we turned in 11cc and hoped it would be enough to pass the test.
When I left, I sincerely thought I might be the first person to fail a drug test due to lack of a sample.
I started my first shift not knowing if I had passed or not, but no bells or whistles went off when I clocked in and no one from HR yelled at me, so I just kept working.
Thankfully, I recieved this in the mail earlier this week:
So...that's that. More on this in the near future.

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