Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thoughts on Zumba

Doing Zumba tonight in front of the wall to wall mirrors in the gym, I got a good idea of what I have looked like at all the bachelorette parties and weddings I've been to in the last five years. And to all of you who may have happened to be there, I'm so sorry. Turns out, people weren't watching me dance because I'm so cute and have great moves. They're watching me because they think I need a drink. They're thinking I need to ligh. ten. up.
It might be possible that I have finally found something for which I am truly too Baptist. It has to be the Baptist thing, right? ...Otherwise the only other logical conclusion to draw is that I am not very sexy. (But really, what's the difference?)
I burned 558 calories in 55 minutes. Fifty-five minutes of pelvic-thrusting-hip-rotating-girating-jumping-up-and-down-booty-shakin' good fun.
I will go back next week.


angie said...

LAUGH OUT LOUD. this is fantastic. i'm so glad you're going for it, though! the thought of having to see myself dance in a room full of mirrors has me breaking out in hives.

kristi noser said...

I would have to wear a blindfold in case I saw myself in those mirrors.

Kara Jo said...

Ha! I want to join you.

carrie said...

for $5 I really want to go with you next time. It could be our new girls night out.

Kelli said...

Tonight we did 16 songs without a break. I think I was closer to a million calories. Just a guess. How do you figure that out, anyway?