Thursday, July 03, 2008


Doorbell rings.
Erin: Hi, Gertrude!*
Gertrude: Does Richard like heavy bread?
E: Sure!
G: We bought this bread and we don't like it, but I thought Richard might like it.
E: Well, thank you, Gertrude!!

Doorbell rings.
E: Hi, Gertrude!
G: Can you get me Richard?
E: He's not here, he's working.
G: Oh, well, will you see if he can fix my alarm clock? I can't make it work.
E: Here, I can help you.
G: No, give it to Richard.

Doorbell rings.
E: Hi, Gertrude.
G: Can I ask Richard if he likes shrimp?
E: I'm sorry Gert, he's not here, he's working.
G: Well, I got you some frozen shrimp for your holiday weekend.
E: That is so thoughtful of you! Thank you.
G: When will Richard be home?
E: Oh, not for a while now. It's just me and the baby. Do you want to come in?
G: No. Cute kid.

If old Gert was about 50 years younger, I think I would be worried. I'm hoping tomorrow she'll bring some of HER MONEY.

*Names have been changed.


kristi noser said...

OMS she os getting better and better. You're right--if she was 50 years younger...

LauraLynn said...

That is odd....
She really only wants to see him and talk to him doesn't she!
Maybe she feels like he is her son? Does she have kids?

Maybe you should just put a sign on your door,"Richard is at work"

Kara Jo said...

Even if she was 50 years younger, I still don't think you'd have to be worried. Quirky neighbor ya got there.

angie said...

oh good lord. that is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we had one of those neighbors down the road from the farm - constantly calling to ask for Kev's help. She called (while I was pregnant) so much that I finally told her that when he was done with my list of things for him to do pending the birth of our child, I'd have him call her.

I really like Lauralynn's "Richard is at work" sign idea though. LOL!!

Mandi said...

HAHA she DOES keep getting better and better. When I left the other day, she walked out on her porch and watched me back all the way out and leave. I waved, she scowled.