Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy 80th Birthday, Shirley, Sr.!

Today, we had the honor and priveledge of throwing an 80th birthday party for Grandma Shirley. It was a small picnic with fantastic food, laughter and stimulating conversation. "Shirley Sr." got a new set of sheets, a memory foam pillow, a "Broadway Classics" CD and Special Edition Dark Chocolate Starbucks Frappuccino for her birthday.
Here are the Shirley Girlies!
Chatting with Gram during the party.
We had the opportunity (finally) to take a five-generation photo.
Here's a photo of the whole fam. A legacy of Christ-followers. My great-great-grandmother's prayer (six generations ago, if you're counting) was that each generation after she was saved would come to know Christ. I believe this includes our spouses as well. God has been faithful in honoring her prayer. God is good to us!
One of the big events of the day today was to go pick up Gram's Centurian award at the Polk County Fair. Leaving the house is nearly impossible for her these days, so McClain and Richard went to accept it for her. She was thrilled.


Cara said...

What an awesome day. Treasure those pictures! You should frame one and forever put it on Shirley's baby dresser!

angie said...

oh how i love family. what an awesome tribute these photos are to your incredible clan!!

kristi noser said...

I can't believe I was at the fair yesterday and I missed that. Bummer.
I don't think I have ever seen a five generation picture--that's awesome Erin. Happy birthday Grandma Shirley!

Katie R. said...

I bet I saw your Gram's photo at the Senior Bldg. I saw all the photos there and, if I remember correctly, one or two had no photo. But I'd have seen her name. She's famous!!

Love generation photos. You are so blessed.

carrie said...

that is so awesome. you and shirley are so blessed to have so many generations still around.

Jenny said...

That is so special! You will definitely treasure those pics - especially the 5-generation ones.