Wednesday, July 09, 2008

He was so ugly, I nearly cried. I nearly cried, y'all. You ever seen a silverfish? I nearly cried.

Mr. Silverfish on my wall,
I don't like you; not at all.
Yes, I'm nearly six feet tall,
but you have more feet than them all.

Just stay where you are, you nasty little creature.
You spawn of satan.
Product of the Fall.
Purposeless filth.
Stay where you are and I won't touch you, and you won't get out of my kleenex and crawl (faster than a Nebraska cockroach) up my arm.
In fact, stay where you are until morning so that you can get out of Richard's kleenex and crawl up Richard's arm. I think Richard would handle that a lot better than I would.


erin said...

I tried. Hard. To find an image of a silverfish to use with this post, but honestly, I nearly cried every time a new image came up on google.

Katie R. said...

Aaaahhhhhhh! I'm commenting purely to be polite but I need to go now as I'm constantly getting those "creeped out" shivers one gets when they're creeped out.

I hope you never have to see another one.

Kelli said...

I got a centipede in the laundry last week and I actually SCREAMED. I hate things that skitter.

Cockroaches (especially the Nebraska ones)

Booooooooogity for sure.

Kris H said...

Yuck. That's all I can think of to say. Just yuck.

Carla said...

That's what those nasties are called???

Cara said...

Ok, I WOULD have cried. I didn't know these things existed (I googled to find an image.) So we actually have these things in the MN??? Ish.....

Anonymous said...

I am scared for you...but I love your little poem. It makes me want to write one for how I feel about spideys. Eeek!

Jolene said...

ewwies :( sorry, erin!

LauraLynn said...

Okay, great. Now I am going to have to look one up just to see what the heck it is that you guys are talking about.
If you hear a scream across the river..........

NoelCT said...

Was it a silverfish or a house centipede?

A silverfish is a tiny bug that looks like an animated comma.

A house centipede is the long, brownish, many-legged thing that races around like the Road-Runner.

The latter actually eats the former.

erin said...

Noelct, it was actually a house centipede, but I've always heard them called silverfish. The title is something I heard somebody say once. : )
Thanks for stopping by!

erin said...


kristi noser said...

it's summertiiiime at the Desvousges'

ring a ling
hear her sing
soon it will beeee
Orkin time!

NoOtherName said...

Least it wasn't in your pants! hee hee