Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Week of Thanks: Monday

Today I am thankful for Jenna.
We have been through a LOT together. A lot.
Jenna cried with me when I was broken-hearted, stood up for me when I was mis-treated, lied to me when I looked like a fool on the dance floor, celebrated my pregnancy and beautiful daughter, listened endlessly to my woes (all of which don't seem to have changed all that much over the last six years we've been friends), respected me in our differences, fought with me when I deserved to be kicked in the pants but wouldn't admit it, encouraged me when I needed it and helped me pick out the perfect wedding dress.*
Tonight, we celebrated my birthday by overindulging with me on pedicures and cheeseburgers. Does it get better than that?
There is something so comforting in having a friend that is so much like a sister, yet so different.

Sweet friend, I am so glad you are back, and I'm so glad to have you, period.

*Obviously, these are in no particular order.

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angie said...

awww yay for beautiful friendships. :) you guys have much to be thankful for in each other! and hi, jenna!!