Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well, it appears that winter has arrived.
I know there are people out there who LOOOOOOVE this season.
To you winter lovers: WHY? Please tell me why you love winter.
Looking into my bleak, barren and frigid future makes me want to hide under the covers until April when the sun comes out again.
Please, my friends--what do you like about winter?


angie said...

hot chocolate.
hot chocolate with marshmallows.
ice skating.
excuse to be late to work.
extra blankets.
... to name a few. huh. i didn't even realize i was a winter-lover!

kristi noser said...

When you look out the window in the morning and the sky is a Royal Blue and the snow is sparkling like a million diamonds. Then you go outside and the air is so cold that your nosehairs freeze when you inhale.
Then you run back inside where Poppers has a roaring fire going in the woodstove and you stand by it and toast yourself.
You should come over.

kristi noser said...

Oh and when it snows a BUNCH and there is a snow day and Eli and I both get to stay home--that rocks!

carrie said...

sweaters - they hide a lot
feeling toasty in my blankey
hot chocolate
watching Polly play in the snow

-V- said...

Trips to Florida or somewhere else sunny... :-)

Coffeegirl said...

V, I'm with you. I love when you get off the plane and you feel that warm, humid air. Then, the sunshine reaches your skin and you think...why do I live in MN?

I do love when the snow covers the trees. And Christmas vacation. That's about it.

Melissa said...

Yeah, why do you live in MN/WI? I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and I find it much easier to cope with the lack of daylight hours if it's still 65 degrees and sunny out here in CA!

However, it's really fun to watch your kid play in the snow :)

Katie R. said...

a white Christmas,
hoar frost,
the blue sky and sparkly snow that Kristi said,
sweaters for the same reason Carrie said, all of this is just wonderful until Dec.26th and then I'm ready for spring.

Cara said...

Friends that like to appear to be like Scrooge.....