Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Birthday Every Day

How is it possible that out of 515 friends on Facebook, some days (like today) three or even four of my friends have birthdays and other days, none of my friends have birthdays?
I have wondered this frequently over the last couple of years.
I think, when I reach the point that I have enough friends that one of them has a birthday every day of the year, it's time to be done on the ol' social network.


Kara Jo said...

I'm still hung up on the fact that you have 515 friends.

Jessie said...

sadly, I never look to see who's birthdays it is. i'm a bad facebook friend :(

Anonymous said...

515 friends on fb! Wow. I'm not your fb friend, but my bd is Sat. :)

Laurie S.

Carla said...

Never quit.