Tuesday, September 08, 2009

For Keeps

This weekend, I was reviewing with Richard the weekends coming up in September. All of them are busy.
I said, "I've got a baby shower on the 26th, and I'm pretty sure I'll be in major trouble if I don't take Shirley Jean."
He said, "Oh, so that means you're probably not going to Opening Day with me?"
I said, "No...I didn't realize they were the same day. Is that ok?"
He said, "Yeah, that works out fine. Brian called Opening Day anyway. You can't really mess with it when it's been 'called.'"
I said, "No, that's like, in the Bible."


Jodi said...

It pretty much is in our house. . . Sorry, I spend all day with kids and it leaks into my personal life. "Not it" is also for keeps. You've been warned.

Carla said...

Marriage Retreat this weekend?

erin said...


Jolene said...

LOL! Love it! :)

kristi noser said...

So does that mean I can just "call" you on a day and you're all mine?
Think of the possibilities...