Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Iron Chef Roseville

Last night, after reading an FB post that a friend had been eating a lot of spaghetti, I HAD. TO. HAVE. spaghetti.
Of course, we didn't have any sauce...so I made my own.
In the time it took for the water to boil and the pasta to cook, I created a masterpiece:
-One can diced tomatoes
-Lots of salt
-Lots of garlic salt
-A tiny bit of minced garlic
-A dash of basil
-A very large amount of oregano (who took the oregano shaker top, by the way?)
-Some onion powder
-Lots of cayenne pepper
-A dash of black pepper
-A splash of olive oil
Simmer and stir while pasta cooks.
I rule.


Jolene said...

Rock on girl - in't it fun! :) Bon appetit!

Kara Jo said...

You do rule! Go you. :)

Scholar and Sailor said...

There is no such thing as too much garlic. Mmmm...