Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hini Weenie

Today I was talking with a friend and she said, "You know, this flu thing is completely out of the blue. I wish they had said something on the news!"
Which leads me to my post for today:
I've turned into a bit of a germo-phobe in the last couple of weeks.
And, apparently if I go to HudWis or River Falls, I will catch the flu. No offense, guys, but it seems like everyone on that side of the river is sick!
When I tell people this, they say, "Oh, don't want to risk it with the pregnancy."
Yeah, yeah...that's it.
Actually, it's a completely selfish act of self-preservation: after the first 16 weeks of my pregnancy I learned that caring for a toddler when you feel like you-know-what (and I'm not talking about Lord Voldemort) is the worst.
So, we'll come back to HudWis when I stop seeing FB status updates that say things like, "Sooooo sick." "Got dressed today." and "Lord, just take me now."



Jon said...

*still wishes he would have bought stock in Johnson and Johnson, makers of Purell*

Jolene said...

sounds to me like the smart thing would be to make e-friends with a family in hudson so when it comes to a home near you, you can scamper there and hang out in an immune haven til it's all gone :) bad germs suck. hope you have a flu-free fall! (and winter - but that didn't go with the alliteration thing. whoa - i think i went overboard - even for me.) bye now.)

Kelli said...

I will miss you here on the river. Even though I'm on the MN side, germs found me anyway.

P.S. I licked my computer screen right before I sent this to you.

Melissa said...

Go ahead, be selfish. I've been feverish for two days and it royally sucks. I'm just glad I didn't get a bad virus. I feel guilty for going to work when I thought I might be getting sick. I hope I didn't spread it to anyone. Good thing I wash and Purell my hand 20 times a day at work!