Thursday, October 08, 2009

Manly Men

Richard and my dad left on Tuesday morning to go to Glenrock, Wyoming on an antelope hunting trip. They are tent camping and doing stuff that manly men do in the woods for almost two weeks!
I just checked the weather forecast for that area of the's gonna be cold.
This is what's on my mind today.
I'm praying that they have a wonderful time and that they are safe and manage to stay warm.
In the mean time, Shirley and I are "camping out" in Wausau. If you're in the area, give a call. :)

I just got the following text messages from Richard:
Crazy day. We got permission to hunt on land owned by the brother of a lady named Shirley [last name]. And... your dad had a disaster blind date with her in 1978.

WHuuuT?!? Hahahahaha!


kristi noser said...

can I give a call and then be in the area?

erin said...


angie said...

ooooh fun! make sure you have the body wash ready when your valiant hunter returns.

Jolene said...

LOL on the update!!
enjoy "camping" with your little dolly :)

Melissa said...

Keeping up with student loans is so confusing! I have four different bills to pay each month!