Thursday, October 22, 2009

If Only

If only my washer and dryer were upstairs.
I would do laundry all. the. dog. gone. time.
I would be the laundry queen.
I would be the laundry master.
I would be the laundry monster.
If only I had an elevator to the basement.
If only the dishes were enchanted and loaded themselves into the dishwasher.
If only my floor was self-vaccuuming.
Then I would be really happy.


Jessie said...

If only the clothes would put themselves away... that would be the life :)
and I'll trade you loading AND unloading the dishwasher with washing the dishes in general?

erin said...

Jessie, NO DEAL. I want it all.

Jolene said...

and if toys had magnets that popped them back into a big magnetic toy box when playtime was done with. yeah. that'd be cool.

carrie said...

self-vacuuming floor covered = Pedro

dishwasher helper covered = Shirley
(I've seen the photos)

Melissa said...

Oh you read my mind. Do you remember that scene in the 2nd Harry Potter where Harry goes to Ron's house and the dishes are washing themselves in the sink? I wish that were my house. I want some magic!