Thursday, March 25, 2010


Dear baby, here beneath my heart,
I thought that you might come today;
The timing just seemed right.
But the stars are out
And the moon is high
And sheepishly I wonder why
I try to arrange the plans of God.
For now I know
You will not come until the One
Who holds eternity rustles your soft cocoon
and whispers in tones that I will not hear,
"It's time, precious gift.
Now, it's time."

-Robin Jones Gunn

A very sweet friend sent this poem to me today, on MY DUE DATE! :) It brings tears to my eyes.
Fern is still worried about my blood pressure, so we are going in tomorrow morning, early, to do a non-stress test and re-check my BP and cervix and to discuss whether or not we need to take some sort of action. I covet your prayers about this, my friends. I am conflicted as to what the best thing is. Obviously, we will do what is best and safest for BittyWee, but making these decisions is hard on this hormonal mommy.

Excerpted from HaikuBabies.


kristi noser said...

That poem made tears come to my eyes as well. How many times do we think we know beter?
Praying for you dear friendforever.

carole said...

Beatiful words and a powerful reminder that no matter what happens (baby's birth or an especailly snowy winter or how many hairs you have on your head today), it's just part of a plan....

Thinking of and praying for you guys...