Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm a heavy.

Sometimes when one of us has a headache, it feels really good to have the other lift straight up on our heads to relieve some of the strain in the neck. I'm sure we are a chiropractic nightmare, but, hey. It helps. Last night, I asked Richard to do this for me.
Richard, lifting: Grunt, strain, grunt.
Erin: The human head is heavy, isn't it?
Richard: Well, actually, I think it's all the other stuff attached to the head that makes it heavy.
Erin: Are you calling me fat?
Richard: I,, wait. Ah. Um. Oh, I uh... What?


kristi noser said...

nuthin' like leather for lunch. don't choke on the laces Richard.

angie said...

insert foot in mouth. nom, nom, nom.

Kelli said...

TISF! A regular comedy team.