Monday, March 17, 2008

Dear Gertrude,

You crack me up.
I PROMISE we will let you know when the baby is born. I know we've been coming and going at strange hours. My parents arrived at 9 on Friday night, we left at 7:30 this morning for my appointment. And all kinds of shenanigans in between.
But really. You and Lady don't have to stop and stare every time we are outside at the same time.
I PROMISE Richard will call you guys from the hospital.
I'm not taking your calls anymore, ok?
It's not personal, but I never know what to tell you when you call. You are such a sweet (strange) old lady and I adore you for having a crush on my husband. I hope this doesn't hurt your feelings.
All my love,
p.s. Lady is a really mean little dog. I'm just saying.
p.p.s. Happy St. Patrick's Day.


Anonymous said...

Why do sweet, strange old ladies always flirt with younger men and have mean little dogs? Weird yet hilarious...

carrie said...

It happened-you better give her a call. :)

Kara Jo said...

Did you call her? LOL