Wednesday, March 26, 2008

AI Irritation

Does it irritate anybody else that they're taking questions from viewers now?
When King Louis and Marie Antoinette were executed, do you think they made them wait through an hour of ridiculous questions from the audience and gay interviews of former contestants?
Um, no. Something tells me it was more of a quick job. Like, "Let's just get it over with. We don't need to drag out the inevitable."
I wish American Idol was more of an "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS" type of show.

I'm just saying.


Carla said...

When you watch at 8:55pm you can skip all of the gayness.

Jessica said...

AMEN! The show could be 2 1/2 minutes long, and that's IF they showed us the bottom three.

Naomi said...

Here, here! Off with their heads!

angie said...


Jolene said...

agreed! last night i watched the first part where they did their song and then basically came back for the last 5 minutes. perfect!

Cara said...

But have you listened to the questions that they ask? They are pretty hilarious--and most of them have to do with Simon! Annoying? Yes. Entertaining? Certainly! :)