Thursday, March 27, 2008


A friend sent me this email the other day. I laughed, but didn't think about it too much...until this morning when I realized that I've taken three baths in the last 24 hours and not used soap in any of them.


Anyhow, here's the email:

Dear Erin,
I want to officially welcome you to Stay At Home Motherhood!! Youare a SAHM!! YEAH!
Some of the perks include but are not limited to...
-Optional showers
-Jammie day (everyday)
-Sweats when it's not jammie day
-Spit up stains on jammies or sweats
-Let down
-Gazing at a newborn for hours it seems
-Kissing that newbaby face and skin
-Baby Magic smell
-Hours and hours of video footage of sleeping babe,yawning babe, baby with hiccups, baby smiling...
-Quiet nursing time when all is right with the world

* * *

Guess what!
I'm not at work.
I think it's time to celebrate. (With soap.)


Kara Jo said...

So many perks, I agree. Love that Baby Magic smell. Still use it on my 5 year old.

I'm confused about the no soap for 3 baths...because you forgot or just because you could? After I have a baby I forget to eat. FORGET to eat in my zombie state. What's up with that?! But still oh so many perks. :) Glad you get to be a part of the SAHM's.

NoOtherName said...

I would add to the list:

watch Oprah every day
cry at Oprah every day
blog as much as you want
eat copious amounts of chocolate--
that's what nursing is for,
after all!
take walks with babers in the early
Spring sunshine
nap with babers on your chest
leap into your hubby's arms when
he returns from Adult- Land ...besides Oprah
he's the only non-diapered
human you've seen all day!

Thinking about you, Erin--hope you are doing well with that sweet little girl! Give a call if you need some non-Oprah conversation!

erin said...

Cara asked if *WORK* knows that I am officially a SAHM.
The answer is not yet. Which is why it is called WORK.

Kara Jo said...

Oh, Erin. I just got it. Sits baths. Duh. Sorry. :)

Swampy-Rah said...

Wet shirt every time you hear a baby cry...

They do call me 'evil'...

angie said...


Jolene said...

It's a different kind of luxury - a more smelly one! I'm sure you're missing work terribly though, aren't you ;)

Carla said...

Noooooo....not Oprah. Shirley loves Little House. She told me.