Friday, November 20, 2009

Snob with a capitol SNOB.

Tonight I had the SUPERFUN (!!!) pleasure of going to see a midnight screening of New Moon with Masha. Remember ol' Masha?
The theater we were at sold out fourteen theaters! FOURTEEN THEATERS!
So, as you can imagine, things were a little crazy, and the girl in front of us was using her very beautiful purse to save a seat for a friend.
Out of my love for all things with handles, I tapped her on the shoulder and said, "You'd better guard your bag--I'd hate to see it get stolen!"
She replied, "Oh, NO one is touching my bag. This is a $500 purse. If anybody touches it, they're leaving. the. theater."
"Oh, right," I said.

Quietly, to Masha I said, "That's not a $500 bag."
She said, "I know, right??"
I said, "What do I look like? Some kind of schmuck?"
Masha said, "It's not even from this season."


kathaleend said...

I raised you well my daughters!


kristi noser said...

oh. my. goodness.

Jolene said...

how do you learn this stuff? i need teaching. coach me,friend. (or am i better off not knowing?)

Lauren said...

i think this is your best post ever.

it's like the lady i complimented on her coach bag, only to immediately realize it was a fake. it's like wasted words...

Kelli said...

My $12 Walmart purse carries my stuff just as well as something that costs $500 and I don't have to guard it in the theater.

I live in a world of handbag ignorance. It's a calm, wonderful place.

Earl said...

Do I get to comment if I don't own a purse?
Man world- That's not a ratchet! It's only a quarter drive and it's not even Craftsman!

Lauren- You made that lady's day.

Leah said...

the names in previous story have been changed to protect the innocent.....but seriously who are you trying to kid.."Masha"?