Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This is how rumors get started:

Erin: Richard! Biggest Loser isn't recording! We're missing Biggest Loser!
Richard: Isn't it on the same channel as the Olympics? It won't be on til next week.
Erin: Are you sure?!?
Rich: Yeah--remember? They had the athletes on the show last week to promote the Olympics?
McClain: Wait. The biggest losers are Olympic athletes? They must have lost a TON of weight!
Richard: That would make them the Biggest Lugers.


Naomi said...

when Richard opens his mouth, he's funny!!

erin said...

I know, right?? He kills me sometimes.

angie said...

i pretty much agree exactly with naomi. :) what a hoot!
does that phrase qualify me as a senior citizen? ... oh well.

M Hastings said...

This is absolutely hilarious!