Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feed My Starving Children

Alicia and I were the only ones willing to wear our hairnets for the photo. I think we look good!
Today I had the privilege of going to Feed My Starving Children in Coon Rapids, Minnesota to pack meals with the gals from my Bible study to send to Haiti. Together with the approximately 100 people there, we packed 18,900+ meals to send to Haiti, and all in under two hours!
The meals consist of chicken flavoring (that is actually vegetarian), freeze dried vegetables, soy protein and rice. The meals have important vitamins and minerals that starving children have no other way to get. The meals don't look all that appealing, but we got to sample some and it actually didn't taste too bad.
This is exactly the same thing we did at Faith Community Church this summer to send meals to Serve India.* (Different organization, same concept. I can't find a link for them...can anyone help?)
It was such a joy and a humbling experience to make meals for families and children who may not know from where their next meal is coming.
If you want to help pack meals to go to Haiti, please feel free to visit FMSC's website. They told us that they have lots of help right now because Haiti is in the headlines every day, but things will probably slow down later this summer, even though the need won't disappear. FMSC is a Christian group that is already well-established in Haiti. They told us that before the earthquake they had sent something like 3 million meals to Haiti and since the earthquake they've sent 3 million more. Before March 1, they intend to send 5 million more meals into Haiti. Isn't that awesome?!? Other countries who have been promised meals from FMSC are willing to postpone their shipments so that Haiti can have what they need right now, because the need is so great.

*Incidentally, the meals we made to go to India in August are currently "held up" by the government and have not yet made it to the families who desperately need them. If it crosses your mind, please pray both for the meals that are on their way to India and Haiti and the children and families who will eat them.


Jolene said...

Oh Wow. My heart will be filled with this prayer today. Awesome post, Erin!

kristi noser said...

I lurve working at FMSC! Next time you go, call me.

Ariel said...

Thanks for sharing. Awesome.
Also awesome that you are reading Agatha Christie. She is my guilty pleasure.