Saturday, February 13, 2010


So, if you guys have something for me to write about, I'm all ears. (Eyes?)
I've got nothing to say. Well, nothing worth saying.
Check out Lauren's blog for a few wedding snapshots.
That's all I've got. I'll take your writing prompts via email, comment or text message.


Jolene said...

I get it. I'll brainstorm for the both of us. In the meantime, know you are missed :)

Jessie said...

agreed erin, i've got nothing either.

angie said...

dang it. i was hoping for a full rehash of the wedding events! but if you're too exhausted to re-live it, i totally get it.

Anonymous said...

how about your thoughts and feelings about the imminent birth of #2? i remember feeling extremely sad for my 2-year-old when I kissed her goodbye when we left for the hospital to have our #2. i knew things would never be the same for her, and it felt so poignant. of course, i was very excited to have another baby...and #1 really did adjust quite just really hit i wonder how you're feeling about this Laurie S.

carole said...

how about...

a post about what you've learned from motherhood?

a post about things moms CAN'T live without.
a post about things mom CAN live without.

a post about your favorite and least favorite things.

a post about a person or event that changed your life.

a post about exactly how God continues to make snowflakes and yet no two are alike? (personally I'm not buying it.)

how about some haikus? I miss those.

Know what is like to be drawing a blank!

kathaleend said...

Why don't Super America and Kwik Trip have a drive through for milk and other necessities? Do I really have to get out of the car in my slippers?