Thursday, February 14, 2008


I need Love Potion Number 9.
I'm so in love that I spent the day in bed with...Pedro, sniffling, shivering and snoring.
Oh, and blowing my nose.

Happy Valentine's Day!


-V- said...

Sorry to hear it... Get better soon, E!

angie said...

erin! did you catch my cold??? poor little lamb.

Jodi said...

That sucks, get better soon!

carrie said...

Sorry that Richard is gone for Valentines and you are sick. Get better soon.

Charlie said...

I went to the movies. I was the only single person there. everyone left the theatre holding on to each other like they where going to blow away.hope you feel better.

Kara Jo said...

Oh that stinks. Will you get a rain check? Pregnant mamas deserve to be pampered on V-day!