Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Neti Pot

Self: Time to try the Neti Pot.
Myself: Yeah! It's not even 7am yet. Let's go for it!
Self: Oprah recommends it and I'm about ready to try anything.
Myself: Well if Oprah recommends it...
Self: Hey, the products she recommends are typically pretty good.
Myself: Well if Oprah started a school in Africa for underpriveledged girls, would you start one, too?
Self: Don't be stupid.
Myself: Fine. Go nuts. There's no way this is going to end well.
Self: OK, empty the packet of salt, run the hot water, stir and...bottoms up!
Myself: Bottoms up!
Self: Nostril one--not so bad! On to the next.
Myself: Tip your head back...thaaaat's the way.
Self: What's this?!? NO! No! NOOO this is all wrong! There's not supposed to be salt water coming out my mouth![Gag! Gag, hack, cough. Tears.]
Myself: Oh yeah...you're supposed to tip your head FORWARD, stupid.
Self: We are in a fight.
Myself: You did this to yourself.


angie said...

oh netti pots. nothing but trouble, those things.

carrie said...

you really tried to pour something with salt water up your nose? That just sounds really bad. Breath in some vapors of something-don't shoot things up your nose!

Carla Stream said...

Oprah has issues.

angie said...

for what it's worth, when i interned at the "crazy house" right after college, the crazies there swore by netti pots. i'm not sure if that defends or offends the point.

erin said...

Yeah...I can't honestly say that I am an Oprah fan. And not just of the show.

Jolene said...


(showers are easier)

erin said...

You know what kills me?
The huge grin on that girl's face.
What a freaking chump.

Jodi said...

She gets paid to grin-and WAY more than we get paid! I'd grin too.

Jon said...
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erin said...


Jon said...

Hmmm an enema for your nose....no thanks

Kara Jo said...

Wade uses a neti pot. He got it after I saw it on Oprah. :)