Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Day to Day

My days start at about 11pm lately.
Our current schedule:
11pm-Finish up the last feeding of the day, change baby and get ready for bed.
3am-Feed and change baby.
3:04am-Change baby.
4:15am-Change baby.
4:25am-Snuggle wide awake baby.
4:45am-Put snoozing baby down.
5am-Fall asleep again.
7am-Feed and change baby.
8am-Send baby to snuggle with Daddy in the living room. (Daddy is a morning person.)
8:01am-Fall asleep again.
9am(ish)-Baby goes back to sleep.
11am-Feed and change baby.
12pm-Put baby in swing or bassinet to find something to eat, but decide to pee instead. Forget to eat because baby is fussing.
12:30pm-Change baby.
1pm-Feed and change baby.
1:15pm-Put on different pajamas.
1:30pm-Change baby.
2pm-Change baby.
2:30pm-Baby falls asleep.
3:30pm-Feed and change baby.
4pm-Check out Oprah (Sorry, Carla).
4:30pm-Doze off on couch.
5:30pm-Fold laundry. Move folded laundry to bedroom.
6pm-Load dishwasher.
6:20pm-Consider brusing teeth.
7pm-Watch American Idol
7:15pm-Feed baby, hand to Daddy to change baby.
7:45pm-Change baby.
8pm-Realize I haven't eaten all day.
8:01pm-Eat cereal, toast and potato chips for dinner.
9pm-Shower and brush teeth.
10:30pm-Remember in a panic to APPLY DEODERANT (or else).
11pm-Feed and change baby.


Jolene said...

I need a nap after READING it!

Swampy-Rah said...

4:22 P.M.-blog.

Carla said...

Oh yeah!! To eat or pee...that is the question.

-V- said...

Wow - that is a LOT of diapers!! The whole baby thing is really where eternal stuff turns very hands-on practical, huh? Hmm...

angie said...

well, now i know how young moms get back into shape so quickly!

Andrea said...

Wow, so this is what "retirement" is like. :) At least you won't be bored. :)

Katie R. said...

Oh Erin, can I say I have soooo been at that 1:15pm part of the day where you exchange pj's for pj's. That describes the early days so very well.

Kara Jo said...

I think you forgot to change baby...

I vividly remember calling Jen during newborn days and saying "It's 6:00 pm at night and I'm just now getting the opportunity to choose to eat, sleep or take a shower today." The cereal and potato chip supper sounds strangely familiar.

Being a SAHM is dang tough--good job, Erin!

kristi noser said...

Can I come over and cook for you? I also change a mean diaper...

Kara Jo said...

Take Kristi up on her offer. Seriously. :)