Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Conversations About Breasts.

I got to spend my morning with the unbellievably sweet Felton children.
We had breakfast at McDonald's (because I am very cool), and then headed back to my house to let SJ take her nap.
When we settled down in the living room to watch Return of the Jedi, I needed to nurse Shirley. Though I was modest, the kiddos were ENTHRALLED.
Anna: What is she drinking?
Erin: She's drinking milk.
Timothy: Where does she drink from?
Erin: My breast.
Timothy: I don't get it. [Complete loss of interest to Jabba the Hut--ironic, yes?]
Anna to Timothy: I think that when we are grown-ups and we drink milk, it goes in here [pointing to chest].
Anna to Erin: Right?
Erin: Well, sort of. My body uses the food that I eat to make milk for Shirley Jean.
Anna: Why?
Erin: Because that's how God created us to take care of our babies.
Anna: I used to suck on my mom's breast.
Erin: Yep--we all did.
Anna: Did they have to cut Shirley out of your tummy?
Erin: Anna, can you go into the kitchen and get me my coffee off the counter, then can you go into Shirley's room and get me her pacifier, and then can you put your socks back on?
Anna: Sure!
Erin: [Relieved.]


Jolene said...

haha! oh man. been there. you handled it BEAUTIFULLY!

angie said...

hahah SHWOO! and i'm with jo. you handled that SO much better than i would/could have!

Brandy Dopkins said...

nice save!

kristi noser said...

Hey Mark and Cheryl? It's time.

erin said...

Nah--they were just curious about Shirley. They were very sweet about it.

Carla said...

Good times.

kristi noser said...

I asked Cheryl tonight at AWANA if she had read your blog. She said no...I had to giggle inside.

Katie R. said...

Isaiah was 4 1/2 when Anna was born. All he said was, "ooo, gross." I got off very easily. I think you handled that perfectly.

Kara Jo said...

Thanks for the cute post. I love how kids' brains work. :)

Kara Jo said...

This is random...have you ever read the book "How My Breasts Saved the World?" Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

OK I am now thoroughly embarrassed! Leave it to my kids. Thanks for handling so much better that I could have. Can I send them over for the "birds and the bees" talk?


Swampy-Rah said...

I think that's what Kristi meant...

Anonymous said...

Good it tis settled. Erin will teach our kids about the birds and the bees!

Swampy-Rah said...

...and Rich and I can talk about the Bard over some beers!