Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wanna see something gross?

Seriously, it's really gross.
Apparently, I was wrong. Kitty didn't declaw himself. He appears to have gotten in a fight with another cat and suffered a bite, causing an infection and then an abcess...which burst...today. At about 4:00pm.
Mandi was here to babysit Shirley Jean because both Richard and I have class on Tuesday nights.
Richard said, "I have to go to class tonight. I can't take him to the vet."
Mandi said, "I can take him. We'll be fine."
I said, "No! You'll have the baby, too!"
Mandi said, "No, it's ok! I can take both." (Isn't she stinking amazing???)
I said, "Maybe I should just stay home tonight and take him to the vet."
At that moment, the front door opened. We had all forgotten that Lauren was coming over!
Lauren stayed with SJ, Mandi took Kitty to the vet, and Rich and I both left for class after praying together that the Kitty would be ok.
I won't lie, I felt a little out of sorts.
SO...the fantabulous Dr. Blair shaved Kitty's paw, cleaned it up, doped him up (he's feeling GOOOOOOOD--I just chased him off of the refridgerator!), and sent Mandi home with antibiotics and strict orders that Kitty is not to go outside for the next two weeks. He also recommended that if he's going to fight perhaps he should become an indoor kitty.
I think he might have a good idea and we'll use the winter to phase him out of his outside habit.
It looks like everything will be ok, but I still have to look at the cat's nasty paw until his fur grows back.
Ish (this is seriously gross--don't look if you're squeamish):
Click on a photo to enlarge.


Earl said...

This is for yesterdays post with Ellen.
Funny. It would have been better minus my disgust for who Ellen is and what she stands for.

erin said...

Hi, Earl. I know how you feel, though I think she needs Christ's love more than she needs our disapproval. Plus, she's really funny. Thanks for stopping by.

Earl said...

I believe she has Christ's love, unconditionally. Though, no love for Christ. I agree, she is good at funny. Is it ok for me to hate the sin she openly embraces?

erin said...

Well said, brother. :)
I believe her sin is no different than a heterosexual movie star who lives with his girlfriend and has children with her. I hate that sin, too.
I enjoy Ellen, but hate her sin. Thanks for putting it that way.

Rebecca M. said...

Poor Kitty! Absesses are really gross. We had an outside cat who would get into many fights and have an absess at leaste every few months. I don't know why I didn't think of it first! Make sure you have some fun things to keep Kitty ocupied while he transitions into being an inside cat. New toys and lots of catnip help!