Friday, October 17, 2008

War Wound

My cat seems to have de-clawed himself.
I'm not sure what he did last night, but this morning, he came in limping with a very swollen paw. He must have gotten his claw stuck in something and torn it out completely. There is a gaping hole where his middle claw used to be, and it isn't bleeding.
I feel so sorry for him that I can't even make him get off of the baby's snow suit. He's been pathetically limping around all day.
I'm sure he will be just fine, but I have to ask you, readers--why do these things always happen on a Friday?
Has anyone had any experience with something like this? Surely he is not the first cat to ever have done this. Let me know if you know of anything I could do. Kitty was my first baby--an engagement gift from Richard. I love him. (Both hims!)


Brandy Dopkins said...

Oh, it's so awful when your pet is hurt. Spud did something similar as we were leaving for a flight to Hawaii- there was nothing we could do we had to catch the flight. We called Martha from the car and she came over after we left and took her to see Blair, our vet. Turns out she would have been just fine in a few days, but we were really rattled.

I remember from actually having a cat declawed that you gotta check the wound and clean it of cat litter. So watch that and kitty'll make it fine.

You can even trade out the litter for newspaper shredding if you are up to it. We put neosporin on spud when she was so wounded. wouldn't hurt.- just not so much that she eats it.

Jolene said...

Poor Kitty. I hope all is well soon.

erin said...


Rebecca M. said...

That's aweful! My puppy did the same thing. Don't think there's much you can do but wait - and watch for infection. But Kitty definitely deserves a nap on the snow suite... poor thing.